Are You Busy?

Hi Darling

I know! It's been what seems like forever since we last spoke!

Can you believe it's June already?! This year has gone by so quickly! I've done so much this first half of the year and plan to share a lot of stories of what I've learned soon, but today...


I was wondering, are you a busy?!

I sure am! And to be honest, it's a real struggle to slow down at times. 

Can you relate?

Last night, Steve and I went out for a fun night of laser tag and to a pub to celebrate our friend Josh's birthday! We all got super sweaty chasing each other around but the pub was the perfect way to end the night. It was a blast!

When we arrived at Laser Quest I said "hi" to all our friends but sneakily checked my email multiple times. I couldn't get my head out of office mode until we started playing. We played 2 rounds of laser tag and, even then, I found myself checking my phone again
between the break

You know, "just in case!"

The reality is that I do have a very packed schedule. When I have the chance to enjoy some free time, it's hard to relax because I'm not used to it. Down time can sometimes feel like a waste of time to me because my mind thinks I'm not being productive. 

This is a busy season in my life and I'm working on getting to a place where I can give myself some much deserved rest (even if my mind doesn't always get it!). We all need it!

Once we arrived at the pub, I did my best to stop checking my emails (I did take a sneak or two during those awkward moments I was on my own) but I truly wanted to be present and catch up with friends who I hadn't seen much of lately. The evening proved to be a lot better, I barely checking my phone and felt a lot more relaxed. I even made some new friends!

Have you've been working hard lately and find it hard to rest? I get it. We can work on this together!

If you catch yourself checking in on work when you should be present, stop and ask yourself, "Is this helping me in the long run?"

If the answer is "no" then put the phone down. 

You need to rest, be present, and laugh with our dearest friends/family (I'm speaking to myself here too!) so that when it's time to get work done, we feel better than ever!

To rest & relaxation,

Beth xo

P.S. I've got a juicy new training to share with you! Keep an eye on your inbox to find out more soon!