Are You A Devoted Entrepreneur?

Dear Darling,

Running a business is like a steamy-hot relationship. Some days you feel like a teenager in love for the first time and other days you're an old grumpy wife extremely annoyed with your business. It's the usual ups and downs of a relationship.

Like any strong partnership, you also promise to devote yourself to the love of your life in the good and bad.

A few weeks ago, one of our brilliant leaders at church shared a talk called "Being Devoted Makes You…" And, lucky for you, I'll be sharing the points below! 


I loved what Dr. Nick Drake had to say during our gathering because it was so relevant to us as entrepreneurs. 

Ready? Being devoted makes you..

1. Expectant

Like I mentioned, there are so many ups and downs in business. There are times when we just don't feel hopeful, but if you're devoted to your business, you learn to have an eager expectancy that something magnificent will happen!

You make the critical decision to always believe in the impossible.

2. Available

If you're eagerly believing that you can accomplish anything than you're making yourself available for your God-given gifts to be used. Your devotion is making you ready what's next.

Entrepreneurs often miss out on opportunities because they're in their heads. Instead of being expectant, they are worried about where the next client will come from or how their newsletter will get finished. 

We can allow our fear to blind us or decide to be available to be used in the most unexpected ways.


3. Carry The Presence

I have no doubt that I have a God-give purpose placed on my life — to help ambitious female entrepreneurs create profitable and seriously successful online businesses. Clients and women in my tribe always tell me about what they are feeling called to do.

To do it, you have to believe in something greater than yourself. Carry that belief with you, that the work you were created to do will not only make a difference in your life but will impact the life of many.

4. Recognize & Announce

As you wait with expectation and make yourself available to all the greatness headed into your life, remember to recognize it and announce it to the world!

The worst thing you can do is keep the incredible things happening in your life for yourself. God wants to use you in a unique way and sharing what's happening in your life and business can make a huge impact on the women in your community!

Share it loud and proud!

5. Don't Give Up

Being devoted to your business teaches you to never give up. Even in the lowest of lows you learn to have faith because you're committed to be devoted to your business. 

You persevere.

Are you a devoted entrepreneur?

Can you imagine how many business would thrive with this kind of dedication?! It's not easy being an entrepreneur but if you're serious about the work you're doing than, with time, you too will gain these traits.

Your business can't make it without you. darling, decide today that you're going to be this devoted to your business.

To commitment and dedication,

Beth xo

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