Are Others Fears Causing You To Sink Like The Titanic (Spoiler Alert)?

Hi Darling, 

Last week my husband made me watch the Titanic with him. I tend to avoid this movie like the plague because it makes me cry like a baby! 

As soon as the opening scene started and I heard Céline Dion's famous song, My Heart Will Go On, my eyes started watering up because I knew what was coming. If you haven't seen Titanic this is a spoiler alert warning! Don't keep reading! 

Anyways, I was excited to finally watch a chick flick with Steve (he hates them but he loves Leo!) but I was dreading the end. I was dreading the waterworks that I knew were coming as almost everyone on the ship and Jack dead. 😭😭

As I was watching the movie, I kept thinking about this video that kept popping up in my Facebook newsfeed. It's a response Kate Winslet gave at the 2016 British Academy Film Awards press conference after winning Best Actress in a Supporting Role for Steve Jobs.

Take a minute to watch the video below!


Isn't she an inspiration!?

Can you imagine if Kate had listened to her drama teacher and just auditioned for the "fat girl" parts?

My guess is she probably wouldn't have been the fun and adventurous Rose in the movie I had just spent a lovely evening watching with my husband. 


That belief could have kept Kate stuck somewhere she didn't belong. She probably wouldn't have succeeded as an actress had she held on to that insecurity her drama teacher wanted her to believe.  

I'd like to think that her drama teacher was trying to do Kate a favor by telling her how tough the real world is. Because it's true, it's tough out there. It's tough to make your dreams happen but they definitely won't happen if you allow others beliefs to sink your ship.

I know it can be hard and frustrating to keep going when you don't have the support of your teachers, friends, or family. The thing is, not everyone needs to understand what you are doing for you to keep going, Darling. 

It's up to you to believe in yourself and the extraordinary skills you have to offer the world.

Tell me...

Whose voice is in your head? Who's telling you you can't do this or you're going to have to settle for a lesser dream?

Darling, you get to choose who you listen to. You have power over what you believe so choose to believe that you can audition for your desired role, that you can make an impact, that you can be a successful online business owner. 

Don't allow someone else's doubt stop you from achieve what you were born to do!

Remember, your dreams are possible!

Sail Strong,

Beth xo

P.S. You are stronger than you know. Take heart in that!