Amanda Visits Birmingham, England

A couple of weeks ago, my sweet sister (sister-in-law) Amanda came to England. Amanda and I met when I was about 6 and she must have been 15. I like to call her my sister because I've practically known her all my life. At least the part of my life I cant actually remember. She married my brother when I was 15 and then moved to Miami, Florida 2 years later. For Amanda, life has blessed her with the chance of traveling the world. 

She had a stylised wedding photo shoot to attend in Greece (Yeah, she's fancy!). On her way home from Greece (read about her trip here) she made a pit stop in England. Her business partner for L+ L hosted her in London where they were able to get a little work in but also do lots of exploring. Amanda visited London in Winter of 2012 but the trip was short and sweet. This time she really got see most of London's true beauty. 

During her quick trip, Amanda took the train north to Birmingham and spent a whole day with Steve and I. I couldn't have been more thrilled to share a bit of my new home with my sister. I always thought I'd stay in Columbus, Ohio. Get married and be a soccer mom. Turns out I'm more like my sister after all. 

There isn't as much to see in Birmingham like there is in London but we did hit the best spots in B-ham. We went to the Jewellery Quarter, the Bull Ring, Digbeth (Custard Factory), and then my in-laws (not photographed).

Here are few pictures from our day with Amanda and a few pictures she took of Steve and I.

My favourite!

My favourite!

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