Abracadabra Your Biz Goals Into Reality!

Hi Darling, 

If you're an American entrepreneur than I want to wish you a Happy 4th of July! I hope you're enjoying some time with your family but, if you're working today I hope you accomplish all of your goals. Know that you won't have to work every 4th of July, this is just temporary. As you grow your business more and more you'll get closer to achieving the freedom you crave!


This weekend I read something that really inspired me and I just had to share it with you. I was scrolling through Instagram after a fun Independence Day party here in the UK (I love making the Brits celebrate their defeat with us!) and came across a post with a picture that said…




I was so moved by this because as a business owner I know how hard it can be to create momentum in your business. Darling, you probably feel like you're trying everything you can but are still getting zero results. 

Something that's helped me along the away was saying my business goals for the month out loud. For example, when I first released my Art of Instagram Live program at the end of last year, I had a target number of how many women I wanted in the program.


I'd say to anyone who'd ask about it, "Yes, I'm so excited about the program! I'm going to have 20 women in the group." The more I said it out loud the more real it became because I was now accountable to meet these goals.


Words are powerful and I know it can feel a little funny to say something that hasn't quite happened yet out loud, but the more you say it the more you'll start to truly believe it and the more you will "create as [you] speak."

Speak what you believe. If you believe you can meet your goals, say them out loud to others. Your words have so much power. 

Darling, I encourage you to start sharing with others what you want to see in your business and you'll see that things will start to shift!

To meeting your biz goals,

Beth xo