From .48 Cents to A $500K+ Year with Sara Dann


Sara Dann is a Business & Mindset Mentor for ambitious women willing to do what it takes to create a business they love. In 2015 she was a burned out, marketing freelancer with only 48 cents in her bank account, but landed her very first coaching clients at just $597 for a month of work. A few months later, she hit her very first 5 figure month, traveled to, and worked from amazing places like London, Miami and Paris!

After a few hick-ups along the way and dealing with a heart-wrenching break up, Sara went full force into her business. No more feast and famine money cycles, no more doing things she hates, no more doubting her intuition, no more feeling anxious about her business.

For Sara, business finally feels more authentic than ever before. In 2017 she had her first $500K+ year.


I’m going to show up from the most authentic, most genuine place I possibly can and share BEcause I want to and talk about things I want to rather than what I’m supposed to. that’s when i got people who were like, “Shut up and take my money”!

– Sara Dann, Business & Mindset Mentor


Episode Highlights

  • What it takes to hit any big financial milestone.

  • Why there is no cookie cutter system to grow your business.

  • How getting cheated on transformed the way Sara runs her business.

  • Why you shouldn’t quit your day job just yet, and the reason we secretly want a part time job! 

  • The one thing you need to know to create engaging social media posts.

  • Why you need to have fun with your business over obsessing over your money goals.


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