3 Reasons You Should Be Using Facebook Live For Your Biz


If you’re not incorporating Facebook Live into your marketing plan, you’re leaving money on the table.

Did I get your attention? Yes? Good!  

Live video, specifically Facebook Live, is the #1 way to easily, and quickly, convert a cold audience who has never heard of you before, to an audience of raving fans who will take you up on every single offer you put out.  

How do I know this?  Because over the last year I’ve seen amazing results in my own business because of Facebook Live broadcasts.  I’ve been able to:

  • Sell $1,000 worth of product to make a payment to my VA when times were tight..

  • Gain over 250 new member requests into my Facebook group over a 2 week period.

  • Get massive amounts of traffic to my otherwise dead Facebook Page and garner over 10,000 new likes in one month.

In short, Facebook Live has been a #gamechanger for me in my business, and when executed properly, it can change your business too.  

So without further adieu, here are 3 tips for setting yourself up as the go-to expert in your field through executing Facebook Live broadcasts.


1. Facebook Live develops the “know, like, and trust” factor immediately.

When you do a Facebook Live, your audience sees you.  They see how you talk, they see what you look like, they see your awkward hand movements, they see you confidently destroy any objections, and they see you deliver information like the boss that you are.  In short, they see YOU.  And in all honesty, it’s going to either turn them off or make them a life-long fan.  


2.  Facebook Live allows you to interact with live viewers real-time.  

And the experts aren’t in agreement on what the stats are when it comes to percentage of viewers who watch live vs. watch the replay, but when you have someone who tunes in live, it’s your opportunity to welcome them, make them feel at home, and then take them on a journey with you.  When someone tunes in live you can see who that person is.  This gives you the opportunity to speak directly to them and to really nourish and develop that relationship.  And over a length of time, that person is more likely to take you up on your offers because of that relationship you’ve developed through Facebook Live.  Instead of the expert behind the camera, you become a real-life individual who can solve their problems and also relate to them.  You become REAL.  And in today’s social media world, our audiences are craving real.


3.  Facebook’s algorithm favors Facebook Live.

When you create a Facebook Live broadcast, and more specifically when you create consistent Facebook Live broadcasts, Facebook rewards you for it.  The people who have liked your business page or are in your Facebook group, if they are engaged with either one of those venues, get notifications that you are live.  It pops up on mobile as a screen in the bottom left corner of the Facebook app.  And, we have the opportunity to subscribe to a Page’s Live broadcasts.  No other platform has that specific opportunity.  Facebook wants you to use Facebook Live, so when you do, and you do it consistently, they reward you for it by helping your broadcast to get seen across their platform, organically.


So there you have it, three reasons why every single entrepreneur needs to be utilizing Facebook Live as a resource in their marketing strategy.  

If you found this super valuable, I’d love for you to download The Ultimate Facebook Live Checklist.  This checklist gives you step-by-step directions on how to create an engagement firestorm and make sales easy, through simple, actionable tasks to do before, during, and after every single Facebook Live broadcast.  You can download your copy here.


By Allison Hardy | Business Coach | Connect with Allison: WebsiteInstagramFacebook