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Before starting my own business as a Brand Alignment Coach, I was at a pivotal stage in my life. I was currently on maternity leave, but not wanting to go back to full time work. Before that I was working as a brand manager for a hair care marketing agency. I enjoyed some aspects of my job, however I knew that I wanted to work more with people than products. When going on maternity leave I realised that I didn't want to go back to the same company, feeling like there was something more for me to do. I wasn't fully satisfied in my role and...

I decided to make a big step in securing something that would use my branding skills but also align more with my passion for people. 

I had heard that Beth was running something to help people set themselves up in business. I decided to take the leap, not really knowing exactly what I wanted to do. With 4 months left of my maternity leave, it felt right to join Start-Up Society, which was a 4 month program. It felt like the perfect time to step out in faith and trust God to help me re-position my life in a better direction. I was determined that I wasn't going back to full time work, as I wanted to create a life that was flexible around bringing up my daughter.


During the market research module, I sought out potential ideal clients who I could see myself working with. These are women who lead their businesses with their online personality. I arranged one to one phone calls to gain a better understanding about what these types of ladies struggled with in terms of their businesses and their online branding. I used these calls as a pitching opportunity, and just said 'you know I'd love to work with you!'. A month later, one of the ladies I had the call with said she wanted to jump on board with me on my 2 month brand alignment program! This was actually two days after I was officially made redundant from my job! I felt like it was confirmation that I was going in the right direction. God was faithful and didn't leave me short - as we had financial commitments as you can understand.


I've never taken such a big risk before in not going for the 'typical' part time jobs that people generally go for. But I just knew that I was made for more, and that my purpose was greater than living in fear of failure. Investing in my dreams was actually quite an important thing - when you financially push yourself to invest in something, you make it a priority in your life.

It was actually probably the worst time to invest in anything - I was on maternity leave, earning half my monthly salary, and we had just bought a new house and started paying the mortgage!

However, I was determined to make it work. For me it was about living in faith over fear, believing that I would reap the benefits of this investment once I was setup and running.



With in 90 days of working with Beth, I gained my first client! And, I even have another potential client lined up to join in January!

I know that if I do a smashing job, then these ladies will recommend me to more people too! They are both really well connected. I am currently running the Personal Brand Alignment program, helping women to create a standout brand online and attract the clients and opportunities they dream of.


  • Keeping your mindset positive is important - having people around you who believe in your dreams and want to see you succeed. 
  • Being patient - I launched my business whilst having an 9 month old baby. I had to be patient with myself as I couldn't always progress as fast as I wanted to. Some days I wouldn't get done what I wanted, and then other times I would have a wave of inspiration till 2am in the morning. 
  • I had to learn not to be too hard on myself when didn't reach my targets. Reminding myself that there is no one chasing me, I can take this in my own time. 
  • Giving everything to God along the way too, He wants to be a part of our dreams and our every day life. 
  • It's ok to move forward before you have everything sorted. I got my first client even before having a website or any official marketing material! I used my personal social media as a way to prove to people that I know what I'm doing. Then it is about building trust with people and meeting a need. Sometimes people have just never been approached before, so when you tell them what you can offer they may see it as something they could benefit from.
  • Just believe in what you have within you - you have this passion for a reason and there's always someone who needs your expertise. There 7 billion people in the world!


Believe that you have a purpose for being here on this earth. There is a God-given calling on your life. Your passions will lead you to your purpose. If you don't ever take a leap of faith, you may never realise that you could actually fly!


ANything Is Possible For You!

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