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Before I started my entrepreneurial journey, I was working as a freelance performing musician and music teacher in New York City. Even though I worked incredibly hard and had outward successes in my music career and freelance teaching career, I thought that to have integrity as an artist, I needed to struggle.

I had a limited mindset regarding my self-worth around finances and my career, even though I knew I was capable of so much more. I had vague goals, no strategy, and felt and overwhelmed.

At one point, I witnessed someone getting greater results doing something that I felt I was better at: I had years of experience, drive, and ambition, yet I wasn’t where I wanted to be. I turned my jealousy and frustration into a turning point and took responsibility: it was up to me to change, get clarity, and create the impactful life I knew I was meant to live. One element of that was to transform my freelance teaching work into a thriving business, which is something I’d been thinking about for three years. Another was to get clear on my artistry.


I discovered coaching when I learned of Emily Williams’ transformation via a podcast. I felt I could relate to the transformative elements and enrolled in a group coaching program with her mentor, Gina DeVee. The group program definitely was worth it, but I also wanted individual attention, feedback, and accountability. With some research, I discovered Beth. Beth’s relatability, her strong brand, and her clear message really resonated with me. I appreciated how she worked for and with Emily, and it all came full-circle.

At the beginning of my coaching work with Beth, in my group program, and in a personal finance course, I learned about mindset and specific limiting beliefs that were holding me back.

I was moving from a slave-girl mentality with no direction to a place where I faced my past programming so that I could have the most successful, happy, and transformative year of my life.

I learned of the fixed- versus growth-mindset and that I had the power to change, if I did things in a certain way. I knew that my success depended on my personal development.



I knew I needed individual support and that I had to start acting as if I was the successful entrepreneur and artists that I am deep down inside. That person invests in mentorship.

I had won a grant for my music earlier this year and had put that money in my emergency savings. I decided to invest in myself and withdraw the money from my savings and put some of it towards my coaching sessions with Beth. I celebrated that night and felt like I was on cloud nine. I was taking action and becoming the person I wanted to be.


Working with Beth has been a game-changer for me.

I booked my first client within two days of launching. Shortly after, I’ve signed on five clients, I tripled my income, set up my sales page and lead magnet, and...

got clarity on how to set financial goals and work backwards to achieve them. I’ve also earned back my investment.


Beth provided me financial, time-management, and goal-setting tools to build my business. She helped me set a plan on how to reach my goals by working backwards, which was crucial in my strategy. Having accountability was huge. Beth encouraged me to do Facebook and Instagram lives three days in a row before launching a new segment of my business. She encouraged me to simply start without being a perfectionist and to build momentum.


I am so grateful for my time working with Beth. Create the opportunity to work with her! Go for it.


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